Book a Talk

Interested? Let’s have a chat.

If you think 3TN might be right for you, but still have some questions or need more clarity, we are happy to sit down with you and have a virtual conversation to see if it makes sense for you to join us.

  • We will check when both we and you have time (based on the time preferences you send to us) and send you an email with a time suggestion for a talk.

    The talk will happen via Google Hangouts. We will send you the invitation link beforehand.

  • We are. ūüėÄ

    This is a two-man-operation. You will talk to one of us (either Flavius or Michael). We are both involved in everything from logistical planning to coaching to selling the tickets. So whatever question you might have, you are talking to someone who can help you out.

  • We plan roughly¬†20 minutes for the conversation. We won’t cut you off, though.
  • The conversation is about finding out if what we’re offering matches what you expect, need or want. For that, we plan some get-to-know (you get to know one of the coaches, we get to know you). Other than that, the conversation might be about what kind of impact 3TN could have on the challenges you are facing currently.

    Of course, you can steer the conversation in whatever direction you’d like. The conversation is for you, in the end.

  • We (Flavius & Michael)¬† promise you, that we would not have an interest in having you join us for this retreat if during our conversation we’d realize that the seminar is not the right step for you. 3TN is a very intimate event. Having just one out of 12 people that comes with needs or expectations that don’t match can very heavily impact the group dynamics, thus making the experience less effective and enjoyable for everyone.

    We don’t just have an interest in selling the tickets. We have an interest in selling the tickets to the people that can truly benefit from the experience we want to provide.