Hello you wonderful person!

If you are on this page that means that you’d like to get to know your coaches a bit. That’s wonderful!

We are Flavius and Michael, internationally active trainers, facilitators and coaches with a shared passion for developing people. We met in the international youth organisation organization AIESEC, where we worked together on several international workshops, seminars and conferences. We wanted to continue working together on the things that really matter to us, which is what moved us to starting 3TN.

Let us briefly introduce ourselves.

Hey, this is Flavius!

Nomad by nature, rebel at heart, and human by design.

Education is my engine of purpose and human connection is the gear in which I wake up every morning.

I have been frisking and busying in the educational area for… let me count. The past 5 years! Full of curiosity and with a smile on my face, I have delivered trainings, teambuildings, coaching session, experience-based learning interventions and class room teaching (because why not!).

From working with NGOs, Startups, venture capital companies and corporations, to moderating and managing 5 international conferences, I had the pleasure of meeting, working with and training more than 1000 beautiful individuals all over Europe and the Middle East.

Since we’re at it, here’s some other facts about me: I lived in Egypt for 4 months, in Spain for 10 months, in Ireland for 2 months, stayed in Iran for 1 month, and have spent the better part of my life in Romania. I am an avid reader, passionate about travelling and immersing myself in different cultures, a promoter of self-awareness and authenticity, and deeply in love with the experience of listening to music.

I’ll be one of your trainers and coaches during the retreat, so I’ll be looking forward to bringing out the best version of yourself!

Hellou! I am Michael.

I am a creative idealist.

For the past four years, I had the privilege to work as a trainer, facilitator and coach in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. During my journey, I realized that my greatest passion lies within the intersection of Art, Design and Education.

Knowing what you really want to do is great, right? Not that much if you’re not following up on it. At the time I was studying computer science. I wish that I had figured out my own inner compass earlier, because knowing what I know about myself now, I would have chosen a different path after finishing high school. It would have saved me five years of studying something I’m good at, but not passionate about. Well, I found my path and am now working full-time on what matters to me the most. For example with 3TN.

I want more people to do what they love and be aware of what matters to them – outside of external expectations. Or in short: My mission is empowering people to calibrate their inner compass.

Our collective experience

hours of experience
people worked with
events contributed to
countries worked in

We – like every coach – are constantly learning and developing ourselves. These numbers are by no means a proof that we are perfect. No one is, and that’s fine. At 3TN we will be coaching as well as learning ourselves.

Now that you got to know us...

...we'd love to get to know you as well. Reach out to us and we'll have a conversation.