• We’re Flavius and Michael.

    Two international trainers and coaches who love working with and for people’s growth. We are passionate about equipping everyone with the tools so that we reach practical enlightenment.

    For the past 5 years we have worked in vastly international contexts, in Europe and the Middle East, having facilitated life-changing workshops for over 2000 people collectively.

    We worked in the Corporate, Start-up and NGO sectors for the past 6 years, but our chemistry is so strong that we decided to venture together in this endeavour of organizing the most accessible self-leadership retreat in Europe where you can become your best version and set direction towards your true north.

  • First off, this is not a yoga or healing retreat: we’ll not meditate away our negative thoughts around a tree. Mainly because we want to work with these thoughts/ feelings/ emotions, not shove them away.

    We’ll experiment a lot with ourselves and capitalize upon the areas we need to work on:  we want you to experience how you act and react in different situations, to get to know yourself in depth. And then use these insights to plan ahead towards your true north.

    Nonetheless, the atmosphere will strikes a balance between time for learning, time with the group and time for yourself.

  • Well, if you know you’ve got to work on the aspects stated below then yes, this is exactly for you! 🙂

    -> you want to set up a long term vision and goals for your future
    -> you want to cement your core values and learning to enact them
    -> to accept full responsibility for dealing with what’s happening to you
    -> to have a concrete action plan to get you where you want to be
    -> acquire problem solving strategies that apply to all areas of your life effectively
    -> you want the tools to establish meaningful relationships with (almost) anyone

    If you are not sure, we’re available to talk it through. Have a conversation with us and we can tell you how 3TN would work out for you.

  • Glad you asked!

    We operate on the premise that values provide an inner compass – however, due to the high amount of bullshit we take in per day, combined with the insane amount of fucks we give per day, this inner compass can lose its calibration, leaving us with a fuzzy direction to our true north.

    Once we have these defined, we’ll be going into more depth with experimentation and individual calibration.

    We’ll also cover: limiting beliefs, enacting socialisation (living values instead of just hearing about and reflecting on them), dealing with uncertainty (having an action plan on how to approach and deal with adversity), financial management, peer coaching, and cooking workshops.

  • Not at all! We’ll have a Skype conversation with you before the retreat so that we can see what your needs are. This is because we want to provide each group and individual with an unique experience, custom tailored to their needs, so that everyone’s inner compass can be accurately calibrated.
  • We know that going back to real life is gonna be a bitch, so in order to make sure that you stick to your inner compass and get through the adversities, you’ll also benefit from 5 coaching session after the retreat. Included in the price, because it’s part of the process. Cool, right?
  • The location is set in the middle of nowhere – this means that there’ll no distractions around, providing us with the perfect space to experiment and redesign ourselves.

    This is not to say that we’ll be stuck in the house for the whole duration. So in order to avoid a possible replication of Stephen King’s ‘The Shining’, you’ll take part in hikes and outdoor activities.

    Responsibility is a big aspect of our retreat. So if you feel something is missing from the program, you are more than invited to contribute to our experience and take responsibility for what you want to happen: From a trip to the mountains to a capture the flag game.

  • We’ve got you covered!

    The only thing you need to care of is your flights to Lyon, France and back. We’ll pick you up from the airport and then drop you off at the end of the programme. If you arrive by train, we will pick you up at Paray-le-Monial train station as well.

    You would arrive on August 20st (the day before we officially begin – accomodation included of course) and leave on August 28th. We check out at 10:00 AM.

  • We’re happy to clarify all the questions you might have! Reach out and book a conversation with us (free of charge of course) – you’ll have all your questions answered!

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